On The Water Boat Training
You can't learn to drive a boat in a classroom
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Learn from our 30 years of boating experience. IF YOU DON'T OWN A BOAT, It's NO PROBLEM! We have a wonderful boat for to learn on. There is no experience or license required for you! We travel across all of Long Island as well as Queens.

Our classes are tailored completely for YOU! You can come use our boat, or we travel to where your boat is docked. Every lesson is private and customized to your abilities. When we get to your dock, we go over EVERYTHING you need to have safety wise! We will also go over things we suggest you should have at all times. Boating lessons is all we do, In the winter we go down to South Florida and help all the people who retire or get a way for the winter. We give lessons 7 Days a week and our schedule is based of your availability. We have beginner packages for people with zero experience as well as helping clients with an issue they may have. Everyone can use some professional help at times. We can also teach your child or spouse so they are able to help you normally or in case of an an emergency.

  • Starting out at the dock, with all safety equipment, electronics set up and safety precautions.
  • Navigating your local waterways, rules of the water.
  • Anchoring, drifting, speed control.
  • Waterskiing, tubing, swimming safely!
  • Beaching and parking in random spaces
  • Emergency procedures as well as navigating.
  • Trainging on how to park and manuver with twin engines for clients upgrading from a single engine
  • we can take you out at night as part of your package
  • All of this is great, however after boating for over 30 years and teaching for over 10 year our NUMBER 1 job is making you and your family feel safe!


  • You are responsible for not only your safety but the safety of your loved ones and other people on the water.
  • One of the biggest mistake new boat owners make is not taking lessons or not taking the water seriously also buying the wrong boat. IE: too small for their needs or too big for their abilities.
  • We teach you what equipment is worth buying and not. Trial and error in boating becomes VERY expensive and wasteful. Learn from our decades of knowledge!
  • Most important a boat is supposed to be fun, being nervous and not knowing how to do the things you want to do isn't. By the end of our course you will not only be more confident but you will have a friend on the water! We find people have more questions in the days and weeks after our course and we are more than happy to help you at no charge!
  • Are you going on vacation and would like to rent a boat? You will be ready!
  • Haven't taken your boat out in a long time and need a couple of refresher hours? You'll be ready!
  • Moving to a new marina or boating area? You'll be ready
  • Have you never trailered a boat before? We can take you from your home to the ramp and show you EVERYTHING you'll need to know to operate like a pro! (Yes even backing your trailer up) We can also take one of our boats onto our trailer if you want to learn how to before you buy!
  • Our friendly staff will treat you more like a friend than a customer. We find word of mouth is our best advertising and appreciate it when you pass on our information to a friend. When you refer a friend, you receive a special gift from us tailored just for you or your boat!
  • Every day on the water PRICELESS as long as you know the correct way to operate yours.


At Long Island Boat Training we custom prepare classes to fit your needs. The best part, It ALL takes place on the water! No boring classroom where you leave more confused and worried than when you walked in! You don't even need to own a boat to take our course. We can take you out on one of our boats and show you everything you want and need to know to safely drive a boat DAY or NIGHT! With over 30 years of boating experience our instructors will show you tricks of the trade and the knowledge you gain is only limited by the hours you spend with us! If you're planning on buying a boat, you will get 100% unbiased advice. We are not owned or affiliated with any 1 dealership or manufacturer. The most expensive mistake you can make is buying a boat and finding out it doesn't fit your needs.


Below are some pictures from our lessons and some are from what happens if you go out without proper training.


Driving at night without proper training

Bad Beaching

Parking at the beach is harder than you think

Things to avoid

We'll show you how to avoid damaging your equipment.

Have confidence at night

Pics from one of our night time classes


Learn to properly tow your boat and safely put in it the water


Learning to drive on the water.

Contact Us 7 Days a week! Our lessons go from Sunrise until after Sunset.

Get in touch with us and we'll get your adventure started.